My favorite show from Paris Couture 2019

Iris van Herpen Fall Couture 2019 was mesmerizing and bold. It reminds us of our connection with nature and makes us feel organic again. See how here.

An arch of circles marks the entrance of the show. The models walk through and beside it. They look at a point in the infinite and like they couldn’t blink. Their dresses flow drawing hypnotic figures that match the lines of the sculpture. The whole set is as hypnotizing as the state of the models, the collection name couldn’t fit any more perfectly.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bXNFo-B7c4&w=560&h=315]

Hypnosis ∞ is the name for this show inspired by our relationship with nature, always moving, expanding, and contracting into the earth elements through a universal cycle. This concept exploration was approached by artist Anthony Howe, known for his kinetic sculptures and it reflects in this collaboration with the designer Iris van Herpen.

As stated by Iris van Herpen, “Hypnosis’ reflects the beauty and complexity of our environment, exploring the patterns and structures within its fragile landscape.” And we can see this idea in every look of the collection.

Once again van Herpen takes us to a world where the lines of fashion and art blur, it goes beyond with the message and the crafting of sculptures powered by pure nature, wind, and energy.

The Maison’s mastery in combing complex techniques, and incorporating them into its own style keeping up with its essence, is the reason why I choose this fashion show as my favorite from Paris: Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2019, that went from 30th of June to 4th of July.

Which show was the one that stole your heart this year? Let me know!

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