Fashion stories through photography, my portfolio.

I’m Sergio a Modern Gypsy

Sergio is a 21 year old who spends his days in the streets of his gypsy neighborhood, living his own way of life without giving notice to anyone who disapproves it. Despite this open and expressive mood, few know of his deepest love and the passion he hides in every moment of his daily life.

Midas Queen

She has the power to flourish everything she touches, filling it with vibrant and infinite beauty.

Photography: Alex Llopis

Make Up: Dani Moon

Art Direction & Fashion Styling: N I N A, Panchi PalmaVega, Anita Rangel, Michelle Florentino, Ana Gabriela, Vanessa Sanchez, Mauranne Nicolas, Anna Cereceda Saura, Elisa Mingue, Angie Dávila, Natalia Cubillos, Alejandra Vega, Ingrid Guerra, Itzel Ams.


This is what would happen if God would send his son Jesus Christ to earth in the XXI century.

Model: Caii’Lee

Photography: Anabel Luna

Makeup & Hair: Gloria Rico

Art Direction: Fiorella Cabrini, Alejandra Aguila, Michelle Florentino, Ana Rangel, Vanessa Sanchez.

Fashion Styling:
N I N A, Gara Cor, Panchi PalmaVega, Michelle Florentino, Gabriela Valdez, Mauranne Nicolas, Anna Cereceda Saura, Elisa Mingue, Lupe Galiñarez, Angie Dávila, Natalia Cubillos, Manel Ferrer, Laura Albertí, Alejandra Vega, Ingrid Guerra, Pau Luna, Macarena Neira, Tanya Abreu, Ana Rodríguez, Itzel Ams.

Femme Fatale

She is the muse, the one who reclaimed death, life, birth. She retakes with her feminine and delicate attitude. Her strength is that subtlety which recovers the Femme Fatale original concept as we see her through rebuilding landscapes of some of the most iconic paintings in history.

Model: Maria Paula Beltrán
Photography: Bani Gabriel
Styling & Art Direction: N I N A
Makeup & Hair: Mónica Sanabria
Photography Assistant: Nicolás Hernández
Retouching: Nicolás Páez

«Flirt Fatalité»
Composition inspired by “The Death of Marat”, one of the most memorable works from French painter Jacques-Louis David.

«Electra in front of the Sphinx»
Based on Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ drawing «Oedipus and the Sphinx».
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